brilliant results
Andrew Lake I have been training with Imad for a couple of months and it has been amazing. He is not only friendly and inspiring but clearly articulates exactly what is needed to achieve the goals that have been set. The first training session was completely different to anything that I had done before (training at a large well know gym chain for 3 years) but Imad clearly understands how a body reacts to different exercises and it certainly works! It has been a complete eye opener for me and the results have been astounding.
Brilliant Results
Kimberley Revolution PT has allowed me to develop a training programme to meet my specific requirements in a timely and effective way. My trainer has developed my core strength and lung capacity to a level where I felt confident to complete my first half marathon after six months of regular training
Supportive and fun
Sue I've been training at Revolution PT in Clapham since it opened and have worked with several of the trainers. They all have a really suportive attitude to helping you improve your performance and its a relaxed place to train. Doug, my current trainer is fun to work with and has helped build my confidence to push myself further but at my own pace.
brilliant results
Pete Ogden, 29, TV Producer I've been training at Evolution since they opened, and have been really really impressed. I've had a few personal trainers before but have never such brilliant results. I wanted to build up muscle as well as improve my overall fitness and started to see results within a few weeks.
brilliant results
Pat Whelan, Founder of www.p-addy.co.uk After years of unsuccessful gym efforts I enlisted the help of a personal trainer near my home in Clapham. Imad was very welcoming and supportive and guided me towards the realisation of the weight loss and muscle gain I had always endeavoured.
Brilliant Result
Annabel Mother of two I signed up with Revolution PT hoping to shed a few pounds and regain my pre-baby fitness. I have trained with Imad since July and the results have far exceeded my expectations. I have lost the baby weight and more, feel toned and motivated to stay fit in the long-term. He gave me the confidence to focus on achieving my goals.
brilliant results
Natalie Warren. Calvin Klein I happily decamped from my gym to Revolution PT when it opened and never looked back. My training sessions are so much more intense and focused than they have ever been before, first Doug and now Imad both pushed me with their ‘can do’ attitude to achieve results more than I thought possible.
brilliant results
Sue really enjoy training with Imad - he's very good at working with the fitness level you have on a particular day and encouraging you to work harder and become fitter. I amdefinitely fitter and trimmer as a result. He is fun to work with and sessions fly by. I'd really recommend working with him whatever you want to achieve, or even if you don't know what you want to work towards

COVID 19 Safety Measures

  • 5 minutes gap between each session will be implemented 
  • Please keep a minimum of 1 metre distance at all times between you and the trainer 
  • Cover your face when sneezing or coughing, wash hands and sanitise immediately after 
  • Please only touch the surface of the equipment your trainer assigns to you 
  • If anyone develops any COVID symptoms please make sure you cancel your session and notify your trainer immediately. 
  • Clients to keep their own record of session as well as the trainer to avoid any paper contact. 
  • As per the government guidance we will keep attendance record to facilitate track and trace, if necessary 
  • No cardio machines to be used 
  • Clients to arrive at gym ready in their gym wear 2 minutes before their session and leave 2 minutes after their session to avoid overlapping with other clients (if a client arrives early they will have to wait outside). 
  • Toilet seat to be wiped before and after use by the client using antibacterial wipes provided and please make sure wipes are disposed of in the bin, they are not to be flushed down the toilet. 
  • Trainers and client to work on one post only. Not multi posts. 
  • No stretching will be permitted until further notice 
  • No spotting is permitted at any time 
  • Clients to use hand wash and sanitiser upon their arrivals, during and upon leaving the premises. 
  • Mats to be used, and wiped before and after each client by the trainer 
  • Benches and equipment to be wiped down before and after each exercise by the trainer 
  • We recommend each client uses their own training gloves and disinfect or wash them after every session. 
  • Front door will remain open at all times to allow fresh air circulation 
  • Studio space is limited to 3 clients and 3 trainers at all times until further notice 
  • Client to bring own drinking bottle and to take them with you after the session 
  • Clients to bring own towels with them and keep them on the mat provided at all times 
  • No refreshments will be offered until further notice 
  • For health and safety reasons, disposable plastic bags are handed to each client to contain their personal belongings inside and to be kept with them at their designated training area. 

Revolution PT

Personal Trainer Clapham
We are Revolution PT’ in Clapham Common SW4. As a team of Personal Trainers we are number 1 in our market and the area, getting you the best results for what you want to achieve. Here at ‘Revolution PT’ we started first and strive for the latest and most innovative exercise and lifestyle techniques giving you only the best results. Our combined vast amount of years in working with people in everyone’s approach to exercise and a holistic care for your body means we give you personal and tailored overview. From weight management, boosting confidence, easing pain, gaining strength, increasing suppleness and flexibility to over all health and well-being. In ‘Revolution PT’ studio space we break from traditional set ups, with our new dynamic decor and range of equipment, giving you an environment to encourage, stimulate and assist you to feel comfortable to achieve your goals. The team is here to help you in a friendly, professional, passionate and fun manner all year round, with flexible hours and constant assessment of ongoing strategies built with you for you getting the results.
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