Making The Perfect Post Workout Protein Shake

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It is important to remember not to reduce the calories intake right after a workout when your metabolism is high. It is during the post workout that you body requires quality source of protein and carbohydrates to start the rebuilding process and the best moment to ensure your body have the right protein source to […]

6 Health Benefits of Licorice Root

For more than 5000 years, Licorice Root tea has been utilized as a solution for various diseases. Beginning from the Mediterranean and the Center East, it was additionally broadly utilized by China being known as the ‘Incomparable Detoxifier’ and in India inside the Ayurvedic framework. Some call it the ‘Granddad of Herbs’. Depression Licorice Root […]

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Clapham Trainer April is Stress Mindfulness Month—and, considering Americans are focused on AF, it’s a mindfulness month that is certainly required. With an end goal to lessen push, Revolution PT (a gym chain in the more prominent Clapham City range) reported that they’re essentially forbidding link news from their gym TVs each Monday this month […]

Bootcamp workout

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This Bootcamp Workout Will Get You In the Best Shape of Your Life Are you ready for your ultimate body? 1. Quick Jumping Jacks 2. Windmills Stand with a wide foot position and arms extended at shoulder height. Reach your right arm across your body touching your left toe. Return to starting position and alternate. […]

Clapham Bootcamp Workouts

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Clapham Common is the Faithful place to get in arresting shape. It’s our most popular location, and you can see why. Clapham Common is a great garden, flat ground, and load of open space. We pack the timetable here with as much variety as possible, from our Revolutionary workouts Boot Camp to Music Sessions, to […]