Personal Training

What Is Personal Training

To make our bodies better we need to train them: “Use it or loose it!”

Through fitness exercise at Revolution with your Personal Trainer your muscles will develop to become stronger and when challenged outside of the gym they will perform better.

Many people are more concerned about the side effects of exercise rather than the actual process. These include weight loss, muscular toning, muscle gain, improved health, better sleep, reduced stress, increased confidence and mental alertness.

Revolution Personal Trainers will understand what motivates you and will help you achieve your goal. Chances are that you do not think about kettlebells, dumbbells, boxing, pressups and lunges all day… We do!

All Revolution Personal Trainers are REPs 3 qualified [industry diploma with first aid and insurance] and devote their

efforts towards maximising the efficiency of your time exercising.


people use a Personal Trainer because they do not know what to do, or they just would not exercise otherwise. Either way everybody has a better workout session with a Personal Trainer who plans your session specifically to your goals and physical abilities, motivates you and encourages you to succeed.

A typical Personal Training session lasts one hour. 5 minutes warm up, 45 minutes resistance and cardiovascular training, and a 10 minute stretch at the end.

Revolution offers a free consultation and fitness analysis with programme design.

No obligation, come and see how Personal Training can help you.


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