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Many of us struggle to control the pounds and inches, let alone staying fit. Dieting alone does not work. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the answer.

At Revolution PT we want to ensure that every aspect of your health and fitness is in top condition. That is why our personal trainers and their diverse range of qualifications and experience in the fitness industry help you achieve and maintain an all-around healthy body and mind by offering you

Services We provide


We will provide you with absolutely everything required to completely transform your body. Elite trainers, top nutritionists, first-class personal training facilities.
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Postural Assessment

Your posture is something that is unique to you. It could be a combination of genetics, the way you've been using your body in a specific way due to the nature of your work.
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Fitness Testing and Development

Fitness testing is a very useful tool for establishing your base-line fitness level so that the development and progression in your fitness level can be precisely monitored
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Resistance training is exercise movements that are performed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or a muscle group to contract against external resistance, this can be free weights;
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Boxing is an effective way to get trim, defined and burn fat, whilst releasing stress.Our boxing trainers have over 5 years of experience.
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Aerobic exercise provides cardiovascular conditioning and increases your aerobic capacity, the amount of oxygen the body can consume and utilize! This is training forms such as: running, cycling,
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Strength Training

We create individualised strength training programming for all our clients paying attention to age, injury history and experience. All strength and hypertrophy programming are centred around four barbell lifts .
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nutrition coaching

Our Nutrition Coach will help you to seamlessly integrate the pieces of the healthy eating puzzle into your busy life, one small piece at a time, while giving you constant support through
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prenatal and post natal

Prenatal care and Postnatal care both are important during pregnancy and after recovery of a mother health. Prenatal and Postnatal care check-ups and support ensuring the well-being of both mother and newborn's health after childbirth, providing guidance on breastfeeding and overall well-being.
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Active Injury Rehab

At Revolution-PT, we believe that in order to rehabilitate any injuries or chronic pain effectively, the rehab process needs to be actively performed by you under
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At our Clapham studios we deliver personalized sessions to suit you, whether you are a teenager, over 60, pregnant, injured, an elite athlete or just someone trying to improve your fitness and quality of life.

We accumulated over 60 years of experience in personal training, developing weight loss, exercise, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, and weight management programs for every type of person. We do not claim to have a ‘Training System’ because there is no way that two individuals can be trained equally and every session is tailored to you.

We are serious about your fitness, you looking great and feeling better. Our trainers will know your goals and will guide you to your results!

We offer a free consultation, including a chat about your goals and how you will achieve them.

The hour-long sessions will take place at our Clapham studios. These can be booked for any time we are open: 07:00 – 22:00 weekdays and 09:00 – 18:00 weekends.

Come and get fitter and discover your own strength.