Active Injury Rehab

At Revolution-PT, we believe that in order to rehabilitate any injuries or chronic pain effectively, the rehab process needs to be actively performed by you under the expert guidance of our rehab specialists. The days when rehabilitation is done where the client/patient is just lying down and passively receiving treatments are long gone. If rehabilitation is your main goal for coming to us, let us know and we’ll match you to our rehab specialists. Both your specialist rehab work can be done simultaneously as your general fitness/weight loss personal training sessions by the same ( or a different) trainer.

Why is Active Rehab Important?

Active rehabilitation has many benefits with the main ones being to increase function and strength while decreasing pain. Active rehabilitation provides an outlet for increased autonomy in the clients rehabilitation journey. It allows the client to build confidence in completing exercise and tasks performed pre-injury in order to get back to those activities in full.
The goal is to progress the client to be confident in doing most or all activities that they were doing before their injury. By increasing mobility and strength, we can prevent injury for the future, help the client complete day to day tasks and get back to what they were doing before injury. Our bodies are made to move. Increasing the capacity at which we can do this is a major player in quality of life. Research shows that exercise increases cardiorespiratory fitness, improves mental health, leads to improved health outcomes, decreases risk of disease, decreases injury, and many more.

Who is Active Rehab For?

Active rehabilitation is for many people! Active rehabilitation is for those who are looking to get back to doing activities of daily living or sport, for those experiencing pain and for those who want to increase function and strength. Some situations in which active rehab could be beneficial may include post-concussion, musculoskeletal (muscle, bone or tendon) injury, preparation for surgery, strengthening after surgery, motor-vehicle accident injury as well as others.

How to Use Brain Injury Exercises for Cognitive Rehabilitation?

There are many potential cognitive rehabilitation exercises that can be used in the aftermath of brain injury. However, few exercises have been tested and proven to be effective in improving physical and mental health. In this article, we will discuss three exercises that have been found to be effective in cognitive rehabilitation. These exercises are called “brain fitness”, “cognitive rehabilitation”, and “brain training”.