Strength Training

We create individualised strength training programming for all our clients paying attention to age, injury history and experience.

All strength and hypertrophy programming are centred around four barbell lifts : the squat, the bench press, the overhead press, and the deadlift. By using these four multi joint compound movements and their variations we can strength train as much musculature as possible and get you on your way to becoming a stronger, fitter version of yourself.

Strength training involves performing physical exercises designed to improve strength and endurance. It is often associated with the lifting of weights.

Strength Training At Home For Beginners

Strength training and weight training for beginners needn’t be a tangle of confusion. It’s a relatively simple exercise that uses resistance training in the form of free weights (e.g. dumbbells), fixed weights (e.g. barbells) and machine weights. But you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed when trying to plan your entry into this way of working out.
The weight training section of the gym can be daunting, and the same goes if you’re finally dusting off that bit of home gym equipment knocking around the shed and haven’t about what to use it for.
So, to clear things up, we’ve put together the ultimate strength training and weight training for beginners guide, including the benefits of doing it and how to make it work for total, brand-new beginners, whether you’re weight training at home or in the gym.

Can You Do Strength Training Without Equipment?

Convinced it’s time to put those muscles to work? We have a full-body strength training workout that doesn’t require any equipment. This workout only requires your body weight, whether you’re pressed for time, lacking space or on a tight budget.
It’s an important part of a well-rounded workout program that many of us disregard in favour of cardio-focused exercise. The Revolution Personal Training recommends incorporating strength training exercises for all major muscle groups into a fitness routine at least two times a week. Not only can it improve bone density and help reduce your risk of osteoporosis, but strength training builds lean muscle mass, which helps burn fat during your fitness.