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We’re a month into the New Year and it is time for your health and fitness gut check. Did you make the New Year’s resolution to get fit? Did you start a new fitness exercise routine? Did you join a gym? Buy new equipment? Get a new exercise outfit? Is your motivation and dedication starting to fade????

How do you keep motivated? This is really the most critical time when committing to a new fitness exerciseroutine. It’s usually two to four weeks in where you are most likely to revert to your old bad habits. It’s no lie that every day can be a bit of a battle. But each time you make the right choices with your diet and force yourself to get to the gym is another victory. As these stack up over time they will build your motivation. You succeed each day in overcoming the urge to revert back into old habits is self-motivating. Have you recently felt like skipping the gym but forced yourself to go? Didn’t you feel a sense of accomplishment in just getting to the gym? In all likelihood you did. Remember that feeling the next time you feel like couch-surfing instead of getting your blood pumping.

On this same day where you almost skipped your workout, how did you feel after your session? Did you come out of the gym feeling refreshed and energized? The post workout endorphins coursing through your veins puts a smile on your face and you are thankful in that moment that you did your workout. Remember this feeling the next time you want

to skip your workout.

It is the same for your diet. How do you feel after a healthydinner? Energized? Satiated? Make a really delectable and healthy meal and you likely savor each bite without any of the guilt of eating a sugar-laden or fat-dripping junk food meal. Or more importantly what didn’t you feel? You didn’t

feel bloated. You didn’t feel lethargic or drained.Health and fitness is really about just overcoming small, short-lived urges. The more you do it, the easier it is to do. Those cravings for junk food or laziness fade away more and more each day. Know this will get easier and battle through this challenging period.

Concentrate on the good feeling that come from working out and eating well.Replace those negative urges with positive ones. Soon each day you will long to get to the gym to get your blood pumping so you can feel a little more alive than you do while at work all day. You will shrug off junk food just because you begin to really dislike the after-effects.
Stick to it and once the results of a leaner, stronger, sexier you start to reveal itself, you will be hooked. Addicted to being good to yourself.


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