Top 5 ways to keep healthy in an office job

Most of us spend the majority

of our lives at work, and for those in sedentary office jobs this can be detrimental to your health and general energy levels.
Most complaints relate to posture and lack of exercise, so if you have a job which involves sitting at your desk for long periods of time it is important to develop habits which will keep you in the best possible health.

1. Get up and move
It is important not to sit hunched over your computer all day, get up and move about, even if it’s only for 5 minutes every few hours, the movement will make a difference as it will help to boost blood circulation and burn off calories

2. Stay hydrated
Office environments can be very stifling, particularly in hot weather, so it’s vital to stay hydrated at work. Health and nutritional experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, and unless you incorporate this advice into your working day you are unlikely to hit this target. If your office has a water cooler it is ideal as you will be provided with fresh, filtered water and the trip to the cooler will help give you a reason to get up and move, as mentioned in point one. In addition, if your office has an air conditioning unit that is always on, you will need to drink an adequate amount of water to compensate for the low humidity. If your office doesn’t have a water cooler, discuss the option with managers as it will benefit them if their employees stay in good health and energised throughout the working day.

3. Posture
Many office workers suffer from problems with their spine, this is caused by a tendency to sit in a hunched up position in front of a computer for five or six days a week. The way in which your workstation is designed and set out can have an impact on your well-being. Make sure the top of your computer monitor is in line with your eyes, your chair should provide ample back support, and any accessories that you need to regularly use should all be within easy reach.
4. Stop snacking

Sitting at a desk all day long can elevate your risk of gaining weight. Office workers often eat out of boredom and the most convenient foods are usually vending machines and nearby fast food places at lunch time. If you get hungry, bring snacks from home such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain snacks, and low-fat yogurt. Avoid the vending machines and drink water instead of sugared and caffeinated soft drinks.
5. Stay at home if you are sick.

Many employees unwittingly spread germs around the office because they come in when they are sick. The office will function without you for a day or two. It is often assumed that work will appreciate it if you show up when you are ill, but your colleagues won’t so do the courteous thing and avoid passing on your germs by staying away when you are ill.
By: John K Murphy


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