Weight loss training

Ash: Personal Trainer Clapham

Age: 32

Sport/hobby: powerlifting

I have been a personal trainer for almost three years now, specializing in strength and conditioning. I believe in full body movements that work many muscle groups through the longest range of motion and I love to see the progress of my clients. Seeing someone get stronger and fitter and transforming both their appearance and livelihood is the most rewarding part of my job.
From young to old, I believe in strength and a healthy aerobic base. Whether it is to increase lean body mass, lose adipose tissue or to increase general health and mobility, the ability for the skeletal muscles to produce force is vital.
Aerobic conditioning is always in my programming along with the strength training in order to have a better resting heart rate so that we are fitter, decrease our risk of getting diabetes, stave off obesity and help develop our work capacity.
Whether you are older and wanting to play with your children or grandchildren with ease, or if you simply want that fitness magazine cover look, my training will benefit you. If you are at risk to osteoporosis as time goes on, the barbell is your medicine. If you have diabetes, the barbell can help. Have a bad back? Poor posture? Always complaining about back pain? Get stronger. As we get older we lose muscle mass unless we train. Use it or lose it. Anyone at any age can get stronger and fitter, increase their mobility and improve their lean body mass.
I am a powerlifter that competes in greater London on the IPF level that has learned a lot about training techniques and philosophies which can help benefit you to becoming a stronger, leaner, fitter version of yourself.