Imad: Personal Trainer Clapham

I have grown up with a very active lifestyle. Being fit and healthy was a natural and important part of my up bringing, as well as eating and living healthy!

Aged 18 I went into the Army. After the Army I was in corporate life for 9 years. Up to the age of 30, I saw all sides of life and learnt what it was to understand the human body, and keep the balance of lifestyles with health for the body. In its performance and look, trying to get the body to its peak and keeping it there, two different goals, was what I set out to master and believe I know.

I then studied personal training in college with various courses giving me all the technical knowledge, overview and qualifications to train clients holistically.

I have been training people over the last 13 years as a personal trainer, with fantastic results. I love what I do and am inspired by the business and the great Team of personal trainers we have here at ‘Revolution Personal Training’ and our clients, that’s where you come in.

We are all individuals in the team, me personally; I enjoy showing clients the key to a healthy body and mind is a balanced lifestyle.

It’s vitally important to be active, eat well and exercise but it is equally important to enjoy your own downtime and treat yourself to things you want every now and again. We all know the expression, ‘all work and no play…= a dull experience’!!! I don’t believe people want that or that it truly gains the right results.

As a personal trainer, I would never ask you the client to do anything I would not be prepared to do myself; I will go on my clients’ journey, with you, why not?