Jess Tunstall

Fitness has always been a part of my life I used to play a lot of sport growing up I played hockey, netball, tennis and ran cross country all for my county year after year.

Through life my passion for sport and winning has turned into a passion for fitness and training, I love training and get really excited about training others and seeing their progress. I think it’s important to have energy and passion for your work whatever that may be but in the fitness industry it all goes hand in hand and people feed off your vibe and that energy and that’s what drives them to find theirs. I love it!

I’m a bubbly and lively person anyway and that really comes out in my style of training. I love high intensity training and resistance training where you can really feel the burn! Thats just my training for my enjoyment, everyone is different and enjoys different styles once you have found your style your winning and that’s when the fun begins!

I used to run tabata classes and that was great I love leading a class and trying to motivate a group of people. It can be a challenge but it’s always a fun one and as long as the energy and motivation is there then it will always be a sucesssful class.

I’m here to motivate you, encourage you and guide you on your fitness journey but the most important thing is that you have fun whilst achieving your goals. Aside from guiding you, I do that journey with you I’m not only there for encouragement and guidance in the studio but also out of the studio everyday for support when you need it. Getting fit shouldn’t be a chore it should be an enjoyable way of life with major benefits. Leading a healthy lifestyle is key to a positive mind and body, you get out what you put in we’re just here to help you do that.