Why Healthy Snacks After School Is a Must

It seems like every time you turn on the TV or open the newspaper, there is a study being reported about the health and welfare of today’s children. Politicians have gotten involved, FDA regulations have become stricter and school districts have worked harder to promote healthier food and lifestyles for children of all ages. While daily exercise and healthier meals in cafeterias can help keep a student healthy, active, and alert at school, the time a child spends at home should also be taken into consideration when creating a vigorous, healthful routine.

Healthy after-school snacks are one simple way to add fun and well-being into a student’s life. While some kids crave greasy or over-processed snacks, a nutritious snack after school can help your child stay healthy and energetic.
How to get Kids Excited about Eating Healthily

Ask any kid, and it’s almost guaranteed that when it comes to snacks, they would much rather have a bag of their favorite chips, crackers, candy, fruit-flavored treats or anything else found packaged in a box or bag. For the most part, a brightly colored package full of treats with a cartoon mascot is the first thing your little one will want to devour. The key to making healthy foods enticing is making them fun to look at, hold, and eat.

Use the natural bright colors of fruits and vegetables to add excitement to healthier snacks. Instead of soft drinks and fruit juices with too much sugar, look into flavored water options or add fresh fruit to pure water for a subtle hint of flavor. Instead of offering a heavy snack or sweets before dinner, look for individually packaged treats that help monitor the amount of food your child is eating.

Examples of Fun and Healthy After-School Snacks

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best way to go for healthy snacks. Try carrot sticks,

bell peppers broccoli and a side of healthful dressing, or fruit salad topped with low-fat yogurt. Opt for wheat crackers with low-fat cheese and turkey, or look for mixed nuts that offer nutrition and vitamins for kids’ growing bodies. Hummus and crackers or pita chips

are another healthy option that can be adjusted to suit your child’s taste preference.

Whatever your child desires as an afternoon snack can be modified with a fresher and healthier spin. Your growing girl or boy will be delighted with all of your new takes on the typical grub.


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